The information produced during the drawing office modelling stages are uploaded using Tekla & Strucad to which automatically produces material cut lists, routes materials to the appropriate plant and machinery and forwards the required data directly to the machines for fabrication. This truly automated system eliminates any fabrication errors that occur with a part manual system.

Assembly tracking allows any employee the ability to locate where a particular piece is located in the fabrication process. This is a great help to the design and development team; it enables them to know whether a piece has been fabricated at the touch of a button. If required they are able to place a particular piece, batch or phase on-hold if any further changes or development are required.

Reynolds and Litchfield are qualified to BS EN ISO 5950-1:2014; this is a comprehensive quality level for C.E 3. Marking which will be mandatory in 2014. Reynolds and Litchfield were one of the first companies in Staffordshire to achieve this qualification.

Our Welding procedures also qualify to BS EN ISO 9606-1:2013. Our fabricators and welders take great pride in their work; we believe we have one of the most experienced, qualified and gifted teams in the business.

CE Marking

Marking to BS EN 1090-1 became a legal requirement on all structural steel products on 1st July 2014.

At Reynolds & Litchfield we are already fully compliant with this legislation and all products delivered to site will carry a CE Mark.

The advent of CE Marking places onerous obligations not only on us as the steel contractor but also on the client and/or the principal contractor to make sure that steel products specified for a project carry the CE Mark.

We have been working hard over a long period to achieve this standard in advance of the July 2014 deadline, to allow our clients to plan their future Projects with the confidence that Reynolds & Litchfield will meet this demanding requirement.

Reynolds & Litchfield Ltd are certified to Execution class 3.