Structural Design

Structural Design

Reynolds and Litchfield have a wealth of experience in design with our dedicated design and concept department, who utilise their extensive library of industry-leading design and software. Our expertise and experience will ensure that you are presented with the most economical structural steelwork solution available.

The designers specialise in various market sectors; we believe that this aids our continuous learning and enables Reynolds and Litchfield to offer the most competitive of designs.

We believe we are one of the most technologically advanced steelwork fabricators in the United Kingdom. Virtual 3D modelling can take place alongside both mainframe and connection design; this enables us to reduce the lead-in period and get the steelwork to site in less time than our competitors.
Our portfolio can show you previous work; it provides an accurate, dynamic and data-rich 3D environment that can be shared by the whole construction team. Our Building Model Technology we have experience in leading the construction of complex buildings. We are able to import information from most other 3D and 2D data sources and create the highest level of constructability and production control.

The information we create in our 3D model is uploaded to our Material Requirements Planning system. Within our MRP all the material data, drawing data, cutting and drilling data is planned to the appropriate plant and machinery. Fabrication programming and shipping schedules are also created within the system providing a fully traceable system from tender to completion.
We are able to email a current version of our 3D model to our clients for information and comments. We feel the model viewer, which works simply through any Internet browser and requires absolutely no other software or training has been seen as invaluable.

As with all our employees at Reynolds and Litchfield, our drawing office engineers are proactive and conscientious of any private information given. When information is required to progress your project, then we will act. If you have not worked with us before, you will find dealing with our drawing office a pleasant change from the usual contractors.